As a young-in-age mediator, another step ahead.

As a young-in-age mediator, another step ahead.

Here’s some sharing from my mediation diary..

From past 8 months, since my return to India from Hong Kong, I have been going ahead meeting people as part of my field-research to understand the diverse perspectives of people here towards mediation.

Mediation in India exists since ages. But mediation as a professional service by a trained, qualified, skilled somebody is new. I think diverse world we young-in-age mediators are wishing/ dreaming/ intending to work in! What do you think?

As of date:

One of the steps I have taken to stronger my existence is to create a website (prepared by myself – it was a anxiety filled adventurous journey seeing the coding system) with name cards. Thanks to young graphic designer Shraddha Bhagat for colorfully designing Images which explain the Services: Conflict Management and Private Mediation.

Two of other steps are figuring out how to explain the Services in vernacular languages to reach out to diverse Indian audience. India is a multicultural nation, with many languages; and to be arranging for initial free talks to increase awareness of availability of services.

Since my return, each day has been a new learning, a new thought, and a new some-many-things to do and to not do.

Would you like to share something from your mediation diary? What has been your journey and what are your learnings? If you are a senior mediator reading this post, would you like to help fellow mediators here sharing your experiences in building a mediation career?