Drafting Support

Drafting Support – Introduction

A drafted document is a preliminary step to formalise any commercial decision between two or more people. This document may be a mere agreement or a legally binding contract. In either case, it is essential to include the conflict management plan. When a difference, disagreement, dispute or conflict arises – this conflict management plan will guide as the preliminary step on how to resolve conflict.

Drafting relating to – Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration

In general practice, your agreements and contracts mention a clause named ‘dispute resolution clause’. Be it a rent agreement or an employment agreement, or a business agreement. Deciding what goes into this clause and drafting it – is the 5-step process in Conflict Management.

Two ways of drafting a dispute resolution clause:

  1. Inclusion of a dispute resolution clause in the parent agreement or contract
  2. Drafting a stand-alone independent dispute resolution agreement or contract
  • Dispute Resolution Clause 
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause 
  • Arbitration Clause  
  • Mediation Clause 
  • International Arbitration Clause
  • International Mediation Clause 
  • Med-Arb Clause 
  • Arb-Med-Arb Clause 
  • International Arb-Med-Arb Clause
  • Arbitration Agreement 
  • Mediation Agreement 
  • Other Agreements 
    • Engagement Letter/ Agreement 
    • Retainer Agreement 
    • Other.
  • Corporate documents 
    • Articles of Association 
    • Employment Contracts 
    • Start-up/ Founders Agreement
    • Non-Disclosure/ Non-Compete Agreement  
    • Other Agreements and Contracts  
  • Human Resource and other Workplace Policies
  • Co-operative Association or Housing Society Policy 
  • Other Non-Corporate formal documents