Mediation Process

At Dialogue den, private mediation is the focus, characterized by a structured procedure organized into three comprehensive stages.

Stage 1: Initiation

Step 1: Pre-Mediation Counselling

The intention of this counselling is to assess the suitability of mediation to the dispute situation. Whether mediation process can and should be opted.

Step 2: formally Appointing mediator

A formal written arrangement with terms, conditions and authorisation to the mediator to mediate must be signed.

Step 3: First intake for information

This discussion can be held individually or jointly with all the persons at stake in the dispute. The first information is compiled and a mutual agenda is agreed upon.

Stage 2: mediation journey

Possibility 1: joint sessions

The joint sessions calls for discussion by the mediator in presence of every person, with or without appointed lawyers.

possibility 2: Individual/ caucus sessions

The separate individual sessions can be asked at any point of time of the process, or the entire process can happen on caucus basis.

possibility 3: hybrid sessions

The sessions can be conducted in hybrid mode, at mutual convenience, by online or in-person meetings, jointly or individually.

Stage 3: Final result

(solution/ agreement/ settlement)

Choice 1: verbal understanding

If the dispute is resolved or even if left unresolved, it is at the full discretion of the persons involved to decide if the decided points will be transformed into a written document.

choice 2: Self drafted document

The persons involved in the mediation process can either draft a written document on agreed terms by themselves, or with assistance of the mediator.

choice 3: sign a legal document

The final result of a mediation can be formally drafted in a written document. The same can be vetted and stamped under the regions’s Contract Laws.