Private Mediation

Private Mediation – Suitability

  • The appropriate time and situation to initiate a mediation request or a mediation process is when one feels or foresees a conflict situation.
  • To initiate a mediation process can be the first step if the conflict situation escalates towards more complexity.
  • It is best suitable if the conflict situation or the disputed matter is yet to reach the stage of exchanging legal notices and filing a petition for commencement of a civil litigation.
  • Nevertheless, the mediation method can be opted for – even during the ongoing civil litigation.
  • For any further doubts on this topic, it is suggested you schedule your pre-mediation counselling session.

Private Mediation – the Benefits


Flexible timing & scheduling

With proper notice, prior appointment, and conveniency – the discussions can be scheduled 24*7, considering the local time feasibility for you, including the weekends.


Collaborative atmosphere

The intention of this private process is to ensure the atmosphere of the discussion is collaborative over competitive. Everybody is appreciated & treated equally respecting hierarchy.


Problem-solving approach

The sole intent of initiating a mediation process is to get together, have a dialogue, acknowledge the situation, and explore possible solution options.


Post-conflict relations

One of the end goals of the process is intended to be drawn in a way that post-conflict is not a harm i.e. promising safety to the post-conflict relationship arrangements.


Flexible process

The process is started on complete willingness of the people involved in the conflict. The process can be paused, or stopped, or changed as per the needs of the people in it.


Relatively worthy investment

The costs, money, time, physical & mental energies we will invest in this process will be worthy investment for the first step or call it as first attempt to resolve the differences.


One good try before escalations

Any problem, difference, dispute, or conflict , if left unattended or if attended harshly, will leave only adverse painful escalations. A collaborative space is your answer before any escalations.


Private & Non-judgemental

Individual moral principles, religious beliefs, spiritual ideas are ensured to be well respected. The process is conducted in a private space and is non-judgmental to personal choices.