Ways to ADAPT-ing Mediation

How Can a Company* Adapt Mediation? 

*Note: The term “Company” here reflects “Agreements and Contracts,” including individuals, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs who enter into agreements and contracts, and is not limited to corporate organizations.


  1. Identify Opportunities for Mediation
  2. Review Existing Documents
  3. Revise Dispute Resolution Clauses
  4. Legal Review


  1. Stakeholder Awareness
  2. Implementation
  3. Training and Resources
  4. Continuous Evaluation

Primary Steps:

Identify Opportunities for Mediation: Examine the right situations of disagreements, quarrels, and similar scenarios, especially those occurring before they escalate, to pinpoint instances where mediation can effectively resolve disputes.

Review Existing Documents: Start by examining your current agreements and contracts, including bylaws, articles of association, memorandum of association, invoices, retainer agreements, engagement letters, appointment letters, etc., to explore options for integrating mediation into dispute resolution processes.

Revise Dispute Resolution Clauses: Modify the dispute resolution clauses within agreements and contracts to incorporate mediation as an initial step before considering other dispute resolution methods.

Legal Review: Seek legal counsel to ensure that the updated dispute resolution clauses, including mediation, comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Supportive Steps:

Stakeholder Awareness: Ensure that all relevant parties are informed and aware of the updated dispute resolution process which includes mediation, particularly in agreements and contracts involving multiple stakeholders.

Implementation: Take practical steps to enforce the revised dispute resolution clauses, both for new agreements and existing contracts.

Training and Resources: Provide educational resources and training to facilitate understanding and competence in mediation processes.

Continuous Evaluation: Periodically assess and adapt the integration of mediation into dispute resolution processes for agreements and contracts, considering the specific needs of those involved.