Yes correct, but how? – is the next question.

Yes correct, but how? – is the next question.

(repost from my Facebook)

I am at this restaurant for dinner, the blue bag is mine. But why am I using my smartphone in middle of my dinner? 

even when I was reminded just today by him to off the smartphone and remember to live life and observe what’s happening around. 

nobody to face in front, nobody to talk, I observe the other people around. I see one weeping while eating, one keen on his phone watching some movie, one focusing on food – probably practicing mindful eating… I also see two Indians (I only highlight this point to analyse the language in communication, we share same language). but yet, I eat alone. 

one very unique group I see is the restaurant staff, they cannot speak, (they were eating too) but they enjoyed their food in silence exchanging conversations in sign language (wow). 

may be someone wants to talk, may be somebody is feeling lonely inside, may be someone wants to share love, make new friends, and many more of someone(s) with their own thoughts. Me? I really want to tell somebody how my day was. 

In one role of my life, as young mediator, I am promoting positive communications and personally give communication utmost important. In other role of my life, I am wondering how we have been addictive to use our smartphones, how we have forgotten to talk to people, how we have forgotten to say a random hello to a person walking by, how we have forgotten to listen to our family members with full heart.. . 

Reminder Lesson: if you have somebody to go home to tonight, mother, father, brother, sister, partner, baby, or friend, consider yourself the few fortunate people on Earth, and thank that somebody. 🤗💟

let’s acknowledge presence of other humans around, let’s encourage ourselves to be listeners, practice positive speech, give respect and share compassion! like one of my professor says, Embrace! 

This altogether, if understood, may help one reduce conflicts or make one more aware of how to approach conflicts in a healthy way!