Hunger and Conflict. bigger picture.

Hunger and Conflict. bigger picture.

Hunger and Conflict. hunger and conflict is ‘The’ research topic for the war countries. how a war can lead to disturbance in the community and cause severe negative displacement for the people with the food insecurity. yes, that’s about it when at War.

What did we get here by feeding these kids? We are not at war. My first question in mind – these kid’s didn’t ask for food, it is we who brought them food. Why?

What he replied awakened my mind, bringing my mind to think about the root of the cause of the bigger problems. He said, bringing food is one of the friendly ways to bring the children gather and sit together.

The master plan is to, educate them to wash their hand before & after they eat, pray & thank for the food we get to eat, not to waste the food as it takes efforts of many people to prepare a final meal. The next step is to ensure this small good habits are in-built in them as daily routine.

What does this bring us to? This whole process brings us together to building harmony, togetherness, to be compassionate to each other, discipline, spread love.. and all together peace.

It is indeed proved, Food brings us together. Food brings the family to one Table. Food is celebration. It’s Food – we earn and make our living for… answers my first question in mind? it does. it does.

Credits to my He of the Hero @Chinu Jeet Kwatra – the Society is fortunate to have.. He dedicated his life for the Society, and his activities are helping us bring long-term peace to the Society…

IT TAKES A TRIBE. HELP. SUPPORT. VOLUNTEER. GIVE. SHARE. LOVE. in whatever way you can and want to :).