My name is Amee Dharamshi.

I write about me, my current work positions, previous qualification, licenses & accreditation and a little about my non-academic interests. Go on to read further, I hope to connect with you and you are welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn.

My birthplace is a small town named Gadag, located in the northern part of state Karnataka, India. My childhood was majorly spent in a neighbouring city to my birthplace, Hubli. By now, I have lived in 6 cities in India: Hubli, Koppal, Belgaum, Mangalore, Mumbai and Bangalore and spent 2 years in Hong Kong completing my Masters in Dispute Resolution and gaining real-time experience of Mediation. I am currently stationed in Bangalore, while I often travel to Hubli-Dharwar and Belgaum. I can speak 6 languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Kutchi, Gujarati and Marathi, while I have developed good understanding towards a few south Indian languages: Konkani, Tulu, Telugu and Tamil.

My higher academic career commenced by choosing Commerce after high school studies. Academically, as of today, I am qualified and licensed in the field of Commerce, Law, Corporate Secretarial, Dispute Resolution, International Arbitration, Negotiation and Mediation. My previous work experience is a combination of legal, secretarial, commercial and administrative works from various sectors: manufacturing industry, law office, legal courtrooms, stock exchange office and independent consultancy, both in India and Hong Kong. With my academics and professional licenses, I am well equipped to be a in-house corporate lawyer and an advocate. But I have come to understand that there is more to a conflict than thinking of it only as a legal case or legal compliance. By more, I am directing towards the stakes connected to a conflict in the form of money, physical & mental energy, time, relationships and eventually the impact of the result or settlement.

Often a conflict springs from a small disagreement. I ask for Yes, You give me a No. There begins disagreement, increasing to a problem, intensifying to a dispute, dispute escalating to conflict and then altogether a war. In this whole continuum of conflict tension, it becomes evidently essential to choose an apt approach to prepare and face a conflict. For instance, it’s OK to separate, but how you choose to separate is critical. Or how about we give a thought to questions like: how have you decided to resolve if a conflict arises in your business deals or at workplace or within family? have you drafted the last paragraph of your contracts, commonly headlined as ‘dispute resolution’ with full knowledge of its contents? if you did not draft it, who drafted it? did your lawyer draft it? was it drafted in consent with your choices? do you know your choices?

Altogether it is also not as fancy as worded anywhere to pave a way through when in conflict or decide which conflict resolution method would be apt. That’s why you bring in a trained professional to facilitate while you pave your way through the entire conflict management and conflict resolution journey. Dialogue den is a creative and unique boutique space to explore all your available options for efficient conflict management. The reference creative boutique because the services are designed considering personal needs, interests and the options of customization. I make myself available as a trained professional through Dialogue den services to design a suitable conflict management plan, facilitate as a private mediator if you choose private mediation and to assist in supporting drafting services to formalize your decisions.

My current works

My qualifications and accreditation

  • HKMAAL Accredited General Mediator – Stage One, 40 hours Accredited Mediation Training – Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited. 
  • Master of Laws, LLM in Arbitration & Dispute Resolution, The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
  • Qualified to CIArb Accreditation of Arbitrator: Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London. 
  • Bachelor of Laws, non-practicing Advocate – India (enrolled with bar – Karnataka High Court) 
  • Associate Company Secretary – The Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)

My non-academic interests

As much as I like to address conflicts and resolution, my non-academic interests include mostly outdoor activities: sports, community service, joining hands in surrounding cleanups, being helping hand towards woman empowerment programs, advocating to abolish urban untouchability, bringing learning facilities for the less privileged children and such alike activities. Thanks to NGO Khushiyaan Foundation run by Chinu Kwatra and NGO Jeevan Rekha Parishad run by Dr Manu who welcomed me to participate in their local community service projects. At times you will also find me as a facilitator and animal handler at Prani – The Pet Sanctuary, thanks to Sanjeev Pednekar & team at Prani to have welcomed me volunteer at the pet sanctuary. For my recreation, I also like to go for long walks and do nature meditation.